Not Exactly Little Green Men…

Published December 6, 2012 by jenssims

Chapter 9 is up. 🙂

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Nope. They’re not your average probers. 19-yr.-old Shannon Witt soon realizes this. But these strange, pale-skinned guys aren’t pervs. They’re beaming up females for a specific, necessary purpose. And their way of breeding is purely scientific. No banging is involved… unless you consider jerking off into a plastic cup a form of hot sex, along with a glorified turkey baster to help induce pregnancy. Or maybe not a glorified turkey baster after all. Maybe something a little more… painful?


On the other hand, these aliens aren’t completely asexual either.

Maybe one of these exotic foreigners has his eye on Shannon? Who knows.

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THIS STORY CONTAINS SEX, VIOLENCE, MILD NUDITY, CURSING. Only those over 17 should read this.


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